Handover 2014

Helen Freeman with new President Tanya Gregory

Retiring Officers

New President Tanya Gregory with retiring officials Jane Davies, Past President Helen Freeman, Katharine Smith, Marge Matthews and Jenny East.

Wheels Project

The Royal Forest of Dean Inner Wheel celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the Inner Wheel by selling scrumptious cakes at their Rotary Half Marathon. A wheeled trolley was decorated with ivy leaves in keeping with a forest event. The ladies had all been busy baking and were rewarded by lots of eager customers.

Enough funding was raised to present Coalway Early Years in March with a cheque enabling them to purchase seven lovely tricycles to replace the ones they had been repairing for many years. The children were absolutely thrilled when they saw the new toys and couldn't wait to get on them.

30th Anniversary - Pearl Tea

The Club’s 30th Pearl Anniversary was celebrated with an Interclub tea at the Speech House Hotel, in the Forest of Dean. It was a Tea full of Princesses wearing Tiaras and it was lovely to welcome thirty guests from neighbouring clubs. Our fifth new member this year, Linda Lyons, was inducted by President Helen Freeman accompanied by Chairman Sherry Phillips. This has increased our membership to a very healthy 26.

The Speech House staff served us with dainty sandwiches and delicious cakes which was the cause of many a diet being forgotten. The beautiful cake was made by Lesley Rogers and Vice President Tanya Gregory iced it, so it was a very successful family effort.

To end the afternoon Dick Bryce, a local celebrity, provided an hour of entertainment of songs, poems and jokes composed by himself, in ‘Vorest spake’ and based on the Forest of Dean.

Forest of Dean Half Marathon

The RFOD IW ladies were out as usual enthusiastically supporting their Rotary Club in the Spring Trails Half-marathon. There are two half-marathons a year and they are our main fund raising event to boost donations to charities.

The queue for the bacon butties and teas was satisfactorily long and kept the Inner Wheel members busy. Many competitors and their families were able to have a picnic in the sunshine and have a lovely day out.

Marge Matthews, Jenny East and new member Sue Boulter sold the competitors lots of tee shirts. No gale this time so the tent did not try to blow away.

District 10 Chairman Sherry Phillips was responsible for the “Village” layout while her husband Dave was kept very busy with the cooking.

New Members

In January we were thrilled when President Helen inducted 3 new members, namely Linda Greene, Sue Boulter and Pippa Penfold. The new regulations are allowing us to expand with younger members who bring their own gifts and will be a great asset to our club.

Chairman Sherry Phillips and President Helen Freeman inducted Sally Phillips our fourth new member this year. It was during a very happy interclub quiz night with Newent and Ross-on-Wye clubs. This brings our membership to 25.

Christmas 2013

This month has been a very busy one for the Royal Forest of Dean Inner Wheel. As they do every year, the members donated, collected and packed presents for victims of domestic abuse here in the Forest. This year they had even more than last year’s total. They had great fun while they packed 81 ladies parcels - 61 boys - 49 girls and 10 general child parcels, making a grand total of 212 plus a cash amount for emergencies, a box of towels, a baby bouncer, a box of DVDs and a very large box of emergency supplies. All this filled three cars and was all delivered to the Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service.

President Helen Freeman also delivered a car loaded to the brim with tins, kitchen utensils, drugs & medicines, cloths, towels, sleeping bags and duvets which had been collected for victims of the earthquake in the Philippines. This was taken to Gloucester and the Filipino society is shipping it out in containers.

The monthly Tea Dance for Alzheimer sufferers and their Carers was a special Christmas Tea because the RFOD Rotary Club also made a donation towards the festivities. The number of guests to the teas is increasing steadily and all say how much they enjoy having to chat and spend some leisure time with others.

Skittles at Ross

A great deal of fun was had at the skittles match between Ross-on-Wye and Forest of Dean clubs held on 14th November in Ross-on-Wye. The result was a win for RFOD Inner Wheel.

District 10 Rally, Forest of Dean 2013

It was not possible to ask for better weather for this year’s Rally held at the CSMA Centre in the Royal Forest of Dean. The day started early with balloons to put up at the entrances. A warm welcome was extended by the Whitemead Park staff and hostesses who served refreshing drinks. Everyone was able to sit on the patio and sun themselves and chat while waiting for lunch to be served. It was beautiful to see so many summery, brightly coloured dresses many of them in floating materials and even a smattering of hats.

The room looked splendid with the beautiful floral arrangements using mainly wild flowers and hedgerow material and feathers. It was lovely to see so many clubs being represented. Lunch was delightful and was followed by the presentations and greetings. Thanks were extended to all the ladies of the Forest of Dean for helping with the day. After a lovely meal Sherry Phillips was inaugurated as Chairman for the next year.

At the end of the afternoon Sherry changed into a rather overlarge boiler suit to begin her challenge to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Although many guests had begun their homeward journeys by then others removed their party shoes and gathered to watch. She began rather nervously by descending on a zip-wire and then as if that was not enough abseiled first a sloped descent and then a vertical one.

Many photographs were taken outside on the grass and also of Sherry doing her zip-wire and absail. A very relaxed supper evening was held at Viney Hill Club with entertainment by the choir completing a most enjoyable day.

Royal Forest of Dean Interclub, 2013

Our summer is ever unpredictable but at least there was no rain and the wind had abated as our Interclub Day dawned. Our President Karen Yonge welcomed 18 of our own members and a wonderful number of 69 members from other clubs with 14 Clubs being represented. We spent a happy day exploring the garden with its beautiful display of azaleas. We walked along the path bordered by wild British bluebells and interplanted with rhododendrons, azaleas and magnolia.

The birds were singing their hearts out with no competition from car noises and the pond barely rippled. Those of us who could climbed the hill to the Roman temple and bath house ruins to enjoy the view of the Severn in the far distance. This area is also part of the deer park and some of us were lucky enough to catch sight of some deer. The Museum has artefacts from around 100 BC onwards through the Roman occupation.

The "Lydney Dog" is on show and is an impressive piece of Romano-British sculpture created in cast bronze which has since become the symbol of the Estate. A special room is set aside with memorabilia from New Zealand when Captain Charles Bathurst was Governor General from 1930 to1935. His philanthropic approach was very successful and he was created 1st Viscount Bledisloe in appreciation of his work.

The staff of the tearoom had prepared us a lovely salad lunch followed by home-made cakes. It was very difficult to choose what kind to have. There was so many of us we had to have two sittings but there was plenty to see so that was no problem. Some folk visited nearby Taurus Crafts where various local artisans display their work.

Many of our guests commented how much they enjoy our Interclubs because they are so different. So now it is thinking caps on for somewhere as good for next year.

Rotary President's Ladies' Night

On the 26th of April it was President’s Night and we all put on our best bibs and tuckers to help RFOD President Mark Yonge and his wife Karen celebrate. Inner Wheel President Karen was presented with a lovely bouquet.

Vice President Helen Freeman was also given a beautiful bouquet. What was amusing Helen’s husband John?

One of the things encouraged is the co-operation between Rotary and Inner Wheel and this was shown by the hard work of the Inner Wheel during the Half Marathon but this time we achieved it during the dancing. Everyone had a fine knees-up.

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